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Institutional Memberships

Offer your colleagues the benefit of inspiration. Of possibility and exploration. And a historic place to work. A membership to the Athenaeum is a thoughtful benefit to provide as workplaces become more flexible. Institutional members enjoy all of the benefits including:

  • Members can read, reflect and explore the BA’s spaces.
  • Popping by for a book or settling in for the day, laptop (or sketchpad) in hand.
  • Stepping into inspiration, surrounded by historic works, art pieces, and like-minded people.
  • Pick out the newest release or ask a researcher to get them just the text they need.
  • Sitting in on a talk with a Boston author or attending a gallery show with new friends.
  • Members are invited to meet with BA researchers to support academic projects, pieces of writing, or pure curiosity.
  • Dive into dozens of paid research databases including LexisNexis, JSTOR, Art Full Text, and much, much more.

Contact the membership office at to set up your institutional membership today!