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On View
Photograph of Harriet Hayden with title of the exhibition.

Framing Freedom: The Harriet Hayden Albums

Harriet Hayden ran an important stop on the Underground Railroad, right on Beacon Hill. Her photograph albums give insight into her social network of abolitionists and activists. These portrait photographs are on display for the first time, along with the only two known photos of Harriet herself. On view through June 22. Learn More

The back of the heads of three young girls with braided hair.


Kristen Joy Emack uses photography to explore the innocence and intimacy of girlhood, chronicling her daughter and three nieces for over a decade. May 13 – August 26. Learn More

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Albums & Assemblages

This exhibition highlights a small sample of the many different types of nineteenth-century albums in the collection of the Boston Athenaeum. Learn More

Re-Reading Special Collections at the Boston Athenaeum

This exhibition encompasses several permanent collection installations in our historic building, ranging from a long-term reinstallation of paintings and sculpture to short-term, focused exhibitions of light-sensitive items. Learn More

Exhibition-related Events

Our events calendar includes exhibition-related programming. Choose from docent- and curator-led gallery talks, music, discussions, and walking tours.

Singer at microphone in front of grand piano and wall of many oil paintings.