Library of Congress Classification

To find your book, see if it is Library of Congress or Cutter, then look at how the call number begins, and then at the table below to see where that is in the building. It’s complicated, so don’t hesitate to ask for help!

We shelve by size to maximize our space and the following in call numbers indicate whether a book is small (.), medium (+) , or at the beginning of the call number large (Lg.)

LC Call #CollectionPoint (.)Plus (+)Lg. (Lg.)
AGeneraliaDrum 2 UpSub-basementSub-basement
BReligion, Philosophy, PsychologyBasementBasementBasement
CBiography3rd Floor3rd Floor3rd Floor
Children’s Picture BooksChildren’s Picture Books1st Floor1st Floor1st Floor
DHistory: General and Old World4th Floor Gallery4th Floor Gallery4th Floor Gallery
EAmerican History4th Floor4th Floor4th Floor
FLocal History4th Floor4th Floor4th Floor
GGeography, Anthropology, SportsSub-basementDrum 3 UpDrum 3 Up
HSocial SciencesBasementBasementBasement
JPolitical ScienceBasementBasementBasement
NArt, ArchitectureSub-basementBasementBasement
P-PNLiteratureDrum 2 UpSub-basementSub-basement
PQ-PTLiteratureDrum 2 DownSub-basementSub-basement
PZ1Story Collections1st Floor Gallery1st Floor Gallery 
PZ3Fiction2nd Floor Gallery and Second Floor2nd Floor GalleryDrum 2 Down
PZ4 A-SFictionDrum 2Drum 2 DownDrum 2 Down
PZ4 T-ZFictionDrum 2 DownDrum 2 DownDrum 2 Down
PZ7, 8, 10Fiction for youths1st Floor Bow Room1st Floor Bow Room1st Floor Bow Room
SAgriculture, GardeningSub-basementSub-basementSub-basement
TTechnology, PhotographySub-basementSub-basementSub-basement
UMilitary ScienceDrum 2 UpDrum 3 Up 
VNaval HistoryDrum 2 UpDrum 3 UpDrum 3 Up
ZBook Arts, BibliographyBasementBasementBasement
RefReference Books A-Z2nd Floor2nd Floor2nd Floor
Ref 3Reference Bibliographies3rd Floor3rd Floor3rd Floor
Ref BReference on conservationAsk for help on 2nd Floor
Ref PrintReference on printsAsk for help on 2nd Floor
Ref TravelTravel GuidesFirst Floor Bow Room