Picture Books

Leo: A Ghost Story by Mac Barnett; illustrated by Christian Robinson

(Children Picture Book + BARNE)

“You would like being friends with Leo. He likes to draw, he makes delicious snacks, and most people can’t even see him. Because Leo is also a ghost. When a new family moves into his home and Leo’s efforts to welcome them are misunderstood, Leo decides it is time to leave and see the world” –Provided by publisher.

Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler; illustrated by S. D. Schindler

(Children Picture Book + CUYLE)

Ghost tries to help Skeleton get rid of the hiccups.

Little Ghost by Kate Khdir and Sue Nash; illustrated by Caroline Church

(Children Picture Book + KHDIR)

Ghost’s attempts to scare the pupils at a human school result in his becoming part of their Halloween play.

Ghosts in the House by Kazuno Kohara

(Children Picture Book + KOHAR)

Tired of living in a haunted house, a young witch captures, washes, and turns her pesky ghosts into curtains and a tablecloth.

The Snow Ghosts by Leo Landry

(Children Picture Book LANDR)

Snow ghosts live in the far north, and they love to play and have fun.

The Haunted Hamburger and Other Ghostly Stories by David LaRochelle; illustrated by Paul Meisel

(Children Picture Book + LAROC)

A ghost father tells his children three frightening stories to help them go to sleep at night.

Ol’ Clip Clop: A Ghost Story by Patricia C. McKissack; illustrated by Eric Velasquez

(Children Picture Book + MCKIS)

One October night in 1745, John Leep, a mean and stingy lawyer, sets out to evict a widow from one of his rental houses and is followed by a ghostly rider.

The Ghost-Eye Tree by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault ; illustrated by Ted Rand

(Children Picture Book + MARTI)

Walking down a dark lonely road on an errand one night, a brother and sister argue over who is afraid of the dread Ghost-Eye tree.

Just in Case: A Trickster Tale and Spanish Alphabet Book by Yuyi Morales

(Children Picture Book + MORAL)

As Se ñor Calavera prepares for Grandma Beetle’s birthday he finds an alphabetical assortment of unusual presents, but with the help of Zelmiro the Ghost, he finds the best gift of all.

The Bake Shop Ghost by Jacqueline K. Ogburn; illustrated by Marjorie Priceman

(Children Picture Book + OGBUR)

Miss Cora Lee Merriweather haunts her bake shop after her death, until the new shop owner makes a deal with her.

The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde; illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger

(Children + PZ7.W64583 Can 1986)

A celebrated and feared English ghost is outraged when the new American owners of his haunting place refuse to take him seriously and actually fight back against him.

Beginning Readers

A Ghost Named Fred

Nathaniel Benchley; illustrated by Ben Schecter

(Children Picture Book BENCH)

Chapter Books

The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier

(Children PZ7.A931 Ni 2014)

Irish orphans Molly, fourteen, and Kip, ten, travel to England to work as servants in a crumbling manor house where nothing is quite what it seems to be, and soon the siblings are confronted by a mysterious stranger and secrets of the cursed house.

Doll Bones by Holly Black

(Children PZ7.B52878 Dol 2013)

Zach, Alice, and Poppy, friends from a Pennsylvania middle school who have long enjoyed acting out imaginary adventures with dolls and action figures, embark on a real-life quest to Ohio to bury a doll made from the ashes of a dead girl.

Spirit’s Key by Edith Cohn

(Children PZ7.C66493 Spi 2014)

Having finally developed the psychic ability her father has used to provide for them, twelve-year-old Spirit Holden, aided by the ghost of her beloved dog Sky, investigates the mystery of why wild dogs are dying on their remote island.

All the Lovely Bad Ones by Mary Downing Hahn

(Children PZ7.H1256 Al 2008)

While spending the summer at their grandmother’s Vermont inn, two prankster siblings awaken young ghosts from the inn’s distant past who refuse to “rest in peace.”

The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall by Mary Downing Hahn

(Children PZ7.H1256 Gho 2010)

In the nineteenth century, ten-year-old Florence Crutchfield leaves a London orphanage to live with her great-uncle, great-aunt, and sickly cousin James, but she soon realizes the home has another resident, who means to do her and James harm.

The Beasts of Clawstone Castle by Eva Ibbotson; illustrated by Kevin Hawkes

(Children PZ7.I11555 Bea 2006)

While spending the summer with elderly relatives at Clawstone Castle in northern England, Madlyn and her brother Rollo, with the help of several ghosts, attempt to save the rare cattle that live on the castle grounds.

The Haunting of Granite Falls by Eva Ibbotson; illustrated with Kevin Hawkes

(Children PZ7.I11555 Hau 2004)

Constable & Toop by Gareth P. Jones

(Children PZ7.J712 Co 2013)

In Victorian London, an undertaker’s son who can see ghosts and is haunted by their constant demands for attention must decide whether to help when a horrible disease imprisons ghosts into empty houses in the world of the living.

The Ghost of Thomas Kempe by Penelope Lively

(Children PZ7.L7397 Gh)

The Wild Hunt of Hagworthy by Penelope Lively

(Children PZ7.L7397 Wi)

Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver; illustrated by Kei Acedera

(Children PZ7.O475 Lie 2011)

A mix-up involving the greatest magic in the world has tremendous consequences for Liesl, an orphan who has been locked in an attic, Will, an alchemist’s runaway apprentice, and Po, a ghost, as they are pursued by friend and foe while making an important journey.

The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud

(Children PZ7.S92475 Sc 2013)

Follows three young operatives of a Psychic Detection Agency as they battle an epidemic of ghosts in London.

Young Adult

The Ghosts of Kerfol by Deborah Noyes

(Young Adult PZ7.N96157 Gh 2008)

Over the centuries, the inhabitants of author Edith Wharton’s fictional mansion, Kerfol, are haunted by the ghosts of dead dogs, fractured relationships, and the bitter taste of revenge.

The Turning by Francine Prose

(Young Adult PZ7.P94347 Tur 2012)

“A teen boy becomes the babysitter for two very peculiar children on a haunted island in this modern retelling of The Turn of the Screw”– Provided by publisher.

The Other Side of Dark by Sarah Smith

(Young Adult PZ7.S65918 Oth 2010)

Since losing both of her parents, fifteen-year-old Katie can see and talk to ghosts, which makes her a loner until fellow student Law sees her drawing of a historic house and together they seek a treasure rumored to be hidden there by illegal slave-traders.

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield

(Young Adult PZ7.W5197 Aft 2014)

In alternating chapters, eighteen-year-old Darcy Patel navigates the New York City publishing world, and Lizzie, the heroine of Darcy’s novel, slips into the “Afterworld” to survive a terrorist attack and becomes a spirit guide, as both face many challenges and both fall in love.