The Art of Paper : Claire Van Vliet and the Janus Press

The Color of Night (Newark, Vermont: Janus Press, 1982)

Abiquiu Mesa Blue (1993)

Circle of Wisdom (Newark, Vermont: Janus Press, 2001)

Circle of Wisdom (Newark, Vermont: Janus Press, 2001) in circle.

Beauty in Use (Newark, Vermont: Janus Press, 1997)

Praise Basted In: A Friendship Quilt for Aunt Sallie (Newark, Vermont: Janus Press, 1995)

Capitol Reef (2024)

Wheeler Rocks (1990)

Old Quilts (Newark, Vermont: Janus Press, 1989)

Copper Canyon I and II (2020)

September 9 – December 30, 2024

Step into the enchanting world of artist Claire Van Vliet.

A MacArthur Fellow, Van Vliet is widely recognized for her innovations in hand papermaking and for her imaginative, sculptural artist’s books.

The exhibition highlights Van Vliet’s captivating quilt books and other woven and interlocking book structures, her vibrant pulp paintings, made by “painting” with variously pigmented paper pulps, and her striking prints. Handmade paper is integral to the meaning and experience of each of the artworks on view.

Thematic threads throughout the exhibition illuminate Van Vliet’s collaborative spirit, exploration of social issues, and profound connection to the natural world, resonating with the expressive language of writers like Keri Hulme, Galway Kinnell, Barry Lopez, and Margaret Kaufman.

Marking the upcoming 70th anniversary of Van Vliet’s Janus Press, the show celebrates a recent gift to the Boston Athenaeum of a complete Janus Press collection by an anonymous donor.